Essay On Difference Between Christmas And Thanksgivings

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For years and years families and friends have gathered together to celebrate holidays with each other. These are the times that people hold near and dear to their hearts. They cherish each memory that is made at these festivities for the rest of their lives. Christmas and Thanksgiving are the two most commonly celebrated holidays in North America. These two holidays are set apart by many differences. Traditions, purpose of the holidays, and the decorations are three points of contrast. Some of the differences exhibited in Christmas and Thanksgiving begin with the traditions they carry. The time period that these two holidays are celebrated over differ. Thanksgiving is celebrated over a much shorter time period than Christmas is. It lasts for only one …show more content…
Thanksgiving is a day full of NFL football followed by a huge turkey dinner. Many families also enjoy watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. This parade includes several performances, floats, and giant helium balloons. What is better than having an old -fashioned home cooked meal and watching television all day long? Christmas is one of the most exciting days of the year, not only for young children but for adults too! Some families will even start their Christmas festivities on Thanksgiving night. They will go out in the middle of the night and stand in ridiculously long lines for cheap prices on Christmas presents. This day is called “Black Friday”. On Christmas Eve, a lot of families bake their own cookies and leave them out for a cold glass of milk for Santa Clause to eat after he brings their gifts. Some children will even make their own reindeer food or leave notes hoping that Santa will read them. Or maybe they are taking last minute efforts on making sure that they are on Santa’s Nice list and not is

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