Essay On Diderot Rameau's Nephew Racism

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Race is an entirely arbitrary parameter by which to judge any human being, and it is detrimental to the advancement of our global society to do so in any fashion. Students across our nation are being held back by laws that were created on a foundation of racism and bigotry, which are supported by those who have been indoctrinated with such anti-logical dogma, rather than those who have analyzed their own ideologies and edited them when found to be lacking in any sort of intrinsic value. In the state of Georgia, laws exist that display a rather jingoistic, anti-immigrant piece of legislation that demonstrates a complete lack of any purpose other than to oppress immigrants and inflame the haughtiness of people who have accomplished nothing. It is …show more content…
These ideas have been passed down through generations and have been accepted blindly by those who have been exposed to such dogma, which is why some look upon them with pity rather than fury. This is the product of the millennia before human society became humane and tribes of people were forced to discriminate between one another for purposes of protection as a consequence of the greed inherent within humanity, and this mindset has, miraculously, not disappeared from the modern world, due to some form of cognitive dissonance creating the idea that something as asinine as skin color could possible be the fundamental difference between something as beautifully complex as the human mind. It is for this reason, not the illusory facade of ‘economic protection’, that oppressive laws like those of Arizona are crafted and to claim any other reason is a condescendingly direct affront to the intelligence of any non inebriated

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