Past Century Women

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The Development of Women Over the Past Century

Through social divisions of lower, middle and upper class from past to present, the development of women in the last century reveals progress has been made in contrast to women of 100 years ago. Specifically highlighting the differences between both eras and showing that there has been a positive change to the roles of women today.

Women today in lower class who are not able to support themselves take advantage of our basic healthcare system. Even though they do not make a fair wage, women are able to see a physician when necessary because they are provincially funded. The work environment is safer for women at the low income level because it is mandatory for employers to provide a safe and hazard
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There are many diseases in 1915 that had not been discovered and a cure found for. The conditions in the workplace for a lower wage female would not have made today’s standards or policies. Often females in the lower class worked in a factory setting where it was a moist and moldy environment. Lower class women were not educated and had to be in these condition in order to survive. Middle class women did not have jobs that made them successful in their own rite. However if they did have a job outside of the home the pay would be very minimum, not enough to support themselves. The jobs they would have usually involved clerical or sewing. Females of this class would also volunteer for charities instead of working. Middle class society women of 1915 often had children and even though they stayed home they did not have to balance home life and a career. Upper class women would have nannies for the children and when they were older, teacher’s to educate them. Upper Class women of 100 years ago would not have a say in the running of a household or manor. The homes would be tended to by many servants, and the women would have a private maid to dress and take care of all personal needs. Their children would be highly educated and been given the opportunity to go to the best Universities in order to take over family business. Females that were upper class would have a title or some class of nobility. Often the property and manor would not be owned by the women, however there were few instances when they acquired the property though family an inheritance. High Society women did not work as it was not reflected in their class. The females would spend their days working on needle point, knitting or shopping. They would have a very social circle of friends and required to attend gatherings with

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