Essay On Dentistry

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From middle school to high school I felt constantly pressured to figure out what I “wanted to do with my life” and now that I am in college it is time I start deciding what career I want to pursue. However, I am stuck between two careers that both interest me in different ways. On one hand I’d like to work in the dentistry field, more specifically pediatrics, and my other choice is Marine biology.
Dentistry has always intrigued my but it wasn’t until I got the opportunity to intern at a local pediatric dentistry that this field sparked a greater interest. The role of a dentist it to provide care and treatment to a patient’s teeth, gums and oral cavity in general while also informing them on oral health. Most of the procedures consist of cavity fillings, fluoride treatments, extractions, impressions and pulpotomies. To be a pediatric dentist an individual should work well with children, be patient, friendly, organized, social and work well hands-on and with technology. I feel like I fit these qualities and my previous experience helped me know what is expected of the job. I could improve and gain more experience by
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I always watch documentaries about the ocean and its marine life so maybe marine biology is a potential career for me. Ever since I was young I was always very observant and fascinated by marine life. However not many marine biologist get to dive with marine wildlife many work on research or in labs, personally I wasn’t to be at ocean with the wildlife. Qualities that a Marine biologist should have problem solving skills, they must be observers, have developed writing skills since the job requires writing research papers on their findings and observations, have an interest in salt water environments and the living organisms within them, and must be patient. Salaries for marine biologist also vary depending on experience and

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