Essay On Dangerous Driving Habits

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Tailgating dangers on Chicago roads

Driving a car comes with a huge responsibility of ensuring one’s own safety and that of others on the road. We have to rely on each other to make careful decisions to keep our roads safe for everyone. Even though we all know that a small error, distraction or misjudgement can lead to an accident, we still indulge in some dangerous driving habits and put the lives of others at risk.

One of the most common dangerous driving habits that lead to accidents is tailgating. It means driving too close to the car in the front. Although tailgating may not seem much dangerous and may rather seem unavoidable, but the reality is that this dangerous driving habit is cause of thousands of car accidents every year.

Tailgating is one of the leading causes of rear end collisions. The
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However, for better safety and to accommodate variable road conditions, you should try to maintain a larger gap with the vehicle in the front. This would ensure that you get adequate stopping time in case of an emergency situation.

The drivers, who tailgate, do not get enough time to respond to a situation when the car in the front suddenly slow down, swerves or comes to a stop. There are various road or traffic conditions that can cause the driver in the front to come to a sudden stop, and if there is inadequate distance between the two of you, a rear end collision is imminent, and in case you are travelling at a high speed, the collision would be serious.

Also, if you are tailgating and end up getting distracted by a phone call or text message, then you could rear end the vehicle in the front even if it slows down a bit. Even at slow speed rear end accidents can cause serious injuries including whiplash, which can cause long term pain and discomfort in the neck

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