Essay On Customer Satisfaction

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Literature Review
In any business customer satisfactions is most important thing.
Feedback from the customer is valuable for any business. Customer experiences and preference is base line for organization.

1. Customer satisfaction considered as the most reliable feedback.
2. Providing client preferences and experiences.
3. There is general agreement that satisfaction is a person’s feelings of pleasure or disappointments resulting from comparing a product’s perceive performance (or outcome) in relation to his or her expectation (Kotler, 2003, P.36).
4. During the last four decades, performance has been taken as one of the most important theoretical as well as practical issues for most marketers and customer researchers (Jamal, 2004).
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Public transport is only option left for Auckland people to reduce carbon emissions, avoid congestions and improve safety and personal security. Steps towards public transport will free up the roads to freight transport for commercial use there by increasing the productivity and competitiveness. Increased public transport usage in Auckland, reduces fuel consumption, lessen dependence on imported fuels and also mitigate the effect of transport on climate change.
According to Akinyemi and Zuidgeest (2000) the focus should more be on a sustainably developed transportation system that meets the needs of people, i.e. mobility, accessibility and safety, within the available or affordable environmental, financial and social resources. Bluemel (1999) proposed a back casting method for mobility plan which derives solutions to the problems via feedback loop and it mainly focus on defining desired future conditions and then works backwards to attain
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• Overfilling of the buses.
• Equipment on the bus stops (shelter, benches).
• Vehicle dependability and capability of drivers.
• Helpfulness of staffs.
• Obtain ability of maps on the stops.
The research that we are working upon has quite a few limitations that affect our research few of them are as followed:-
 Language issues.
In our research we have mentioned that we will be targeting all the people from different backgrounds, communities, nationalities, etc. So language is a very big barrier between the researcher and the data provider.

 Time
Since we have only 8 weeks to finish our research it prevents us from using research methods that are relevant but time consuming. It also compels us to take up a very small sample size as we don’t have much time to collect data.

 Sample size
Sample size is small so this research might not help us understand the scenario for whole New Zealand. It cannot be a base research for whole of New Zealand transportation system.

 Access not available.
It’s not possible to get some of the important company reports and data which makes it difficult for the researcher to achieve his goal. Inaccessible data is a big concern. It can affect the research and the conclusion that are being

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