Essay on Curriculum and Instruction

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Theories and Practices in Curriculum and Instruction
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Finals Examinations - Answers
2. Search any Memorandum Order from DepEd or CHED and analyze their relevance to curriculum reengineering.
According to CHED Memorandum Order (CMO) No. 38, Series of 2010 (kindly see attachment for copy of file), they have delineated the different subjects being taught in both AB and BS Psychology. They have broken the course into the following: General Education | 63 units | Required Course | 28 units | Basic Course | 8 units | Natural Sciences | 20 units | Elective Courses | 15 units | Physical Education | 8 units | National Service Training
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These are mandatory subjects to be taken yet most of the subjects involved were already take during primary and secondary levels. There is a redundancy of learning on the subjects taken. Tertiary level should be the developing of the expertise of the student and creating that level of specialization. 3) Making practicum as an elective. The beauty of Psychology is in its flexibility especially in the workplace. Limiting the number of hours (or units) in OJT greatly hampers the learning process and malleability of the learner. How can one develop his skills in the course if the contact time with real setting is limited? 4) Lack of clear guidelines in OJT/ Practicum. The only prerequisite for practicum is Psychological Assessment. This is not enough since there are other subjects that can help in his/ her practicum – not just Psychological Assessment. What if the student was able to take Psychological Assessment but not the other offered subjects? There will be a great dearth in the knowledge and fundamentals of the student. So there should be more prerequisites subjects prior to practicum setting.
By analyzing and identifying its characteristics, we can create a curriculum based on the Vision, Mission & Goals of the schools which will be aligned with the needs of the stakeholders.

5. How often should we undergo curriculum reengineering? What is the role of evaluation to curriculum change? Discuss at least

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