Narrative Essay On Credit Cards

This is my story about how I got into and out of credit card, I live in Waterloo, Iowa with a population of about 68,400 people in the Waterloo alone. That is a lot of people just in town it also doesn’t help that I have a lot of friends in the towns around me such as in Cedar Falls, Hudson and Raymond. It all started one Friday night after I got off of work I have a very well paying job for my age only being 27 years old. My best buddy Don and I would go out and start the weekend right we started in Waterloo at the Park Road Inn, we would both start off with beers and they just kept coming and coming I just put everything on the credit card without thinking about it. We got a call saying that there was a party going on in Cedar Falls, …show more content…
I would used to spend $120 on food some of that would be food for the month and the money leftover would be for me to go out to eat for dinner. I would cut my budget down to $40 for a month I would start eating two meals a day and I did not go out to eat at all I went to the grocery store and bought things on sale and things that would be able to last in a box a while. I would end up cutting back a ton on my driving I would ride my bike to work on the nice days and then during the storms and bad days I would take my truck to work. My fun jar would also go down I would usually spend $75 on fun things to do but I had my fun and that is how I got into debt so eventually I had cut that down to $20. My cable I had to cut back yes I had less channels for a more than a year but I am still here. I also would have to downsize my internet I had to get the cheaper one I used to have the $45 but I had to get the $30 which it was not too bad just a lot slower speed for browsing the web. I also would cut back on my retirement and saving account that was not necessarily the best thing to do but I needed to get out of debt and that was another way so that I could get more money towards the payment on the credit card debt. I will also have to spend $250 a month on my degree which is not too bad that would be included in the $33,534.50. I also would have to stop shopping for clothes to often and I would have to wait and see what was going to be on sale and the clearance rack. I really would cut back and be more protective of my money it would eventually take less than 24 months to get out of debt. I would be paying $509 a month and I would throw in a extra $191 a every other month so that it would come out to and even $700 a month it would take me about 14 months to pay off my credit card debt which would

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