Essay On Constitutional Rights

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I believe our Constitution, and constitutional rights, have been ignore as the American government gains more power over the citizens. The government has managed to violate our constitutional rights over the years. Many examples include amendments being ignored, our constitution not updated often along with the difficulty to amend it, and the president wanting to take actions into his own hands. Citizens can argue that their constitutional rights have been violated, and some have justice behind it. According to Ethan Bronner’s article in New York Time’s paper, in 2009 Gina Ray was ultimately fined over $3,000 and jailed for what started as a $179.00 speeding violation. She had to deal with “Debtors Prison,” which puts people who cannot …show more content…
There has been a large controversy over if this is the correct choice of the president to make changes without the consent of Congress, or if he is just doing his job. Within the past 4 year in office, President Obama decide to take actions into his own hands. In his State of the Union address last January, President Obama announced what he called a “year of action.” Armed with a pen and a phone, he promised to take action where Congress wouldn’t("President Obama's Abuse of Executive Action and Mass Amnesty."). Even though the president has the “pen and phone”, the constitution limits the of them to issue Executive Orders. Under our Constitution, the Congress makes the law. And under Article II, Section 3, the President is charged with taking care that these laws are faithfully executed("President Obama's Abuse of Executive Action and Mass Amnesty.").
In summary, the Constitution has been ignored and disregarded within the past 200 years. Law enforcements try to take away the constitutional rights of people, the United States hasn’t ratified an amendment since 1971, and the constitution has slowly lost its power to keep the people, and government, in fair

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