Essay On Community Service And House Arrest

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Register to read the introduction… But, I believe criminals benefit more from community services then house arrest because there punishment is to work in the community; they will be giving back to the community instead of taking from the community. It's a great lesson for the criminal because it teaches him to never do the crime ever again and gives him better morals. In a house arrest, a criminal gets a nice electronic monitoring devices to help ensure that he or she stays put and this won't give it better morals because it will just keep him put. It dosen't mean he'll do the crime again.
Should community service always fit the crime, or should these sentences be based on the needs of the community? Explain.
Community services shouldn't always fit the crime because some crimes are more serious then others and deserve to be sent to prison. I believe that sentence should be based on the communities needs because they will see how serious your crime is, if you can pay your crime off by doing community services and that your the right person for the job.
Do you think it's fair that some first-time offenders have to serve jail time while others are allowed to enroll in diversion programs?

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