Community Health

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A community is to be a group of people and institutions that share the same geographic, civic, and some social parameters. There are many varies characteristics in a communities and their health needs, also the health of a community is determined by the extend or the degree at which the community collective health needs are identified and eventually met. In this case the community health care nurse will assess the health of the community by identifying the key health needs and issues of that community through a systematic, comprehensive data collection and analysis. The nurse will utilize the resources through a multisector collaboration that will support shared ownership of all phases of the health in the community such as health improvement, …show more content…
The primary prevention focus on prevention of the initial occurrence of disease or injury, example will be family planning and sex education. Secondary prevention main focus is an early detection of disease and treatments with the goal of limiting long term severity and adverse effect of the disease. For example, health screenings of cancer (breast, cervical, colorectal, prostate) and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. The last stage in this category is known as tertiary prevention with a focus on maximization of recovery after an occurrence of injury or illness. Rehabilitation plays a major role in this stage. An example will be nutrition counseling. “The major contemporary issues facing community health include family and cultural values, social and environmental influences, and economic concerns unemployment and homeless” ati. Nursing education (2010, p. 11). Tracing the historical root to present, I will give an example of the classical times in the early years of the 3000 to 1400 BCE where there was an epidemic outbreak of disease such as malaria, mumps, measles. The Greek emphasize on preservation of health, and good living, comparing it to the present community health issues the outbreak of Ebola where more than one country was affected including the United state where the reoccurrence of this case was link to an improper hand hygiene and the application of proper protective equipment therefore causing more health profession to be infected with the Ebola virus. Science and technology have gone a long way to provide the community with different source of information through different means such social media, Internet access. The nurse may also provide the community with different programs such as community health fair for screening method for conditions like diabetes, hypertension. The healthcare is said to be a manage care system used in the United state that includes a hospital

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