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Does It Really Matter Where You Go To College?

A major decision one must make after finishing high school is whether to attend a major university or go to a community college. When choosing which to attend there are some things one must consider like the learning environment you wish to attend. Community colleges are much more affordable than universities and they also present a range of financial aid options. Attending a university straight from high school can leave an unfamiliar student feeling lost due to universities being multiple miles in area. Unlike big universities, smaller community colleges are easily accessed, have few buildings, and are usually not much larger than a high school. The schedule at community colleges is designed
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Community colleges offer unique opportunities for working students and new parents to enjoy the benefits of education, at a pace that fits their busy lives, by offering classes during the day, evening, and sometimes on weekends to accommodate students’ work schedules and family commitments. (

The online opportunities most junior or community colleges offer are also a positive aspect of these schools. Having this freedom and flexibility attracts working students who take care of their families and have other obligations in their lives that may prevent them from the normal academic class schedule.

To conclude, there are many great reasons to attend a community college. The main reasons being, low cost of tuition, the convenience of the campus, the short-term degree options, and finally, the flexibility in course scheduling. However, Some people might say that going to a 4-year university is the better option. As argued in an article from, "A university degree provides you with the specialist knowledge you 'll need for a specific career and also

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There is no denying that choosing to attend a community college is a smart decision- one that is growing more and more popular as time passes and as Rowh puts it;

Community college students represent a growing block within the overall higher education population. Students in two-year schools make up about 40 percent of freshmen enrolled in colleges and universities of all types and 44 percent of all undergraduate students in the United States, according to the American Association of Community Colleges. (Rowh 2)

Even if a person were aspiring to gain a masters degree or even a doctorate they may still begin at a junior college to gain core classes needed for their degree. With all this information attending a community college, be it for an associates degree or for prerequisites, would be a wise and impactful decision for anyone starting their college

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