Sports And Food In College Research Paper

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A Balance Between Books, Sports, and Food in College
For college students the term “eating right” has long been a synonym of McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, and other well-known fast food eateries. As popularly known, a transition represents an additional feat, and for most college students emigrating from high school to college it is an embodiment. While it is true that high school cafeterias are not as good; facing college and realizing that college cafeterias do not bear the best meals either, can surely be scary. Although, for many college students, what the cafeteria serves does not really matter; and for others, it is likewise irrelevant. As hard as it sounds, the current American students do not seem to understand the complications
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Reason why there is a common term to for these extra pounds: “Freshmen 15”. While for some students their look and appearance is an important factor, for others gaining or maintaining weight is a constant war. For example, “The ‘Freshman 15’ as it is commonly known, is a real phenomenon. It is not always 15 pounds; sometimes less, sometimes more. It is, however, an issue for many college students” (Janeway et al. 1). The way students eat, and the physical activities that are performed by students seem to relate to the sudden weight gain. Many of these might think that visiting the gym periodically is a solution to the weight gain problem, but others just concentrate on living, ignoring the repercussion that food causes to the human body. Similarly, due to the large numbers of students not eating healthy and not caring about their weight, the statistics keep on raising. Most compelling evidence shows: “A shocking 95 percent of college students fail to eat the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables… 60 percent reports not getting enough physical activity” (Spain 1). It is not enough to have a healthy calorie intake or vegetables and fruits. It is also important for the body to receive some sort of physical activity. Usually, when students are in college, they have one another responsibility; regrettably, this barely gives them time to perform any physical motion. Hence, if physical activities are not performed, it should be a higher responsibility to at least try to eat healthy. Since the food itself can also cause obesity or overweight, Fogelholm and Kukkonen say, “prevention of weight gain could theoretically be achieved by changes in both dietary energy intake and physical activity” (95). With this in mind, it is understood that a healthy physical condition can be achieved by performing physical activities, but it can also be achieved by changing eating

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