Essay On Code Of Ethics In Nursing

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Become a part of the health care field can be a gratifying experience, but choosing what part of the field to work at can be a challenge. In my case, I choose to become a Registered Nurse. A Registered Nurse has several roles, such as, administering medication, assisting with surgery, dressing wounds, taking blood pressure, supervising other health care professionals, and even performing physical exams on patients (Research, 2006). In addition to performing all these tasks a Registered Nurse must follow the code of ethics that is provided by the health care system. In this case, the code of ethics includes, providing safe, compassionate, skilled and ethical care, encouraging health and well-being of patients, supporting and respecting informed …show more content…
The State of Florida requires all Registered Nurse to complete in each renewal a 24 hours of appropriate continuous education program (, 2015). These programs are for the health care professionals to keep a refresh and up to date education on the field. When I was about 9 years old, I wanted to become a nurse because I loved the idea of helping people in need and of course wear all the cool doctor equipment’s. When I started that actual processes of become a nurse I realized how much more interesting it was. Becoming a Registered Nurse is much more than begin about to help people physically, but help them emotional and mentally. In addition, being a part of someone’s life in the bad and good times can teach a person to see things differently and be more open to the need of others which will bring great satisfactory and gratification. In order to achieve this goal my plan is to continue my education and graduated as a Registered Nurse. My ultimate goal is to one day become a midwife or an OB-GYN. The reason for that is because I have been a part of someone’s birth process from beginning to end and it was one of the most exciting and beautiful experience I have ever seen. The idea of being part of a pregnancy and new life that is being created will be an amazing

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