Essay On Christianity And Buddhism

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Christianity and Buddhism are both religions that have millions of devout followers all around this world. These religions are both very old and historical. They both come from a base that happened many years ago. These teachings are both based on a solitary man alone. For Buddhists their teachings were founded on Buddha. Buddha was born 500 years before Christ, in what is now Nepal. (Dowley, 207) His dad was a king, his mom was a queen, and his dad wanted him to take over the family business (the kingdom) when he got older. For Christians their teachings were founded on Jesus Christ. Jesus was born in Bethlehem in 6 B.C. (Dowley, 346) He was born from his mother the virgin Mary; she was with a man named Joseph. Joseph was a carpenter. These two religions have things that are similar from their teachings to worship to some other things. They also have some differences in the way they do things and what they believe and accept into their lives. These differences make the interpretations of things in the world unique. …show more content…
in northern India by a man known as Siddhartha traditionally. Siddhartha means he who has reached the goal. “He was considered by his followers to have achieved the fullest possible understanding of reality, an understanding that is true freedom. - Buddhism has always been more interested in the ways in which the life story illustrates Buddhists teachings than in its literal, historical truth.” (Dowley, 202) The Buddha that is seeing things the way they really are is the way to overcome every sort of unpleasantness, imperfection, and frustration. For Buddhists, some believe that we should live our lives in the light of that failure in

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