Essay On Chinese Food

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In North America ethnic, Chines to be more specific, cuisine is no stranger and can be found in every metropolis and most developing regions. Since the 1920’s, the cuisines first appearance, Chinese food has not lost popularity and currently holds the title as the most nationally craved menu. Often overlook by the delicious, salty-sweet flavours is authenticity of foreign cuisine. Though when diagnosed, the Chinese food consumed in North America is merely a distant ancestor of the dishes served in China. Americanization has consumed an entire cuisine in means of marketing, the consequences of are inevitable. The consequences including, obesity, addiction and serious heart and blood problems. The technique of battering and deep-frying has become widely popular and are now the essence of Chinese cuisine. Though authentic Chinese cuisine is not designed around a deep fryer. …show more content…
It was simply designed to make food more enjoyable, with salt. Salt is a natural flavour enhancer. Though “natural” it has proven to be far from healthy. Mono-Sodium Glutamate has been linked to minor side effect such as chest pain, swollen tongue, and dehydration, similarly as to consuming high quantities of table salt. Though on a hire scale MSG has also been linked jumping blood pressure, blood vessel cloggings and weight gain. On top of all side effects it is proven that the food additive is highly addictive. The food industry avoids mentioning and acknowledging these harmful side effects. Seeing that MSG is not a directly identifiable ingredient, this causes confusion for the common consumer. Often MSG is labeled as natural meat tenderizer or hydrolyzed vegetable protein, which don’t necessarily sound all the bad for ones

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