Why Is Childhood Obesity Such A Big Problem?

Childhood obesity is becoming a huge issue in the United States. Over the past thirty years obesity in children has doubled and obesity in adolescents has quadrupled. One in every three children are considered overweight and one in every six children and adolescent s are considered to be obese. (Childhood Overweight and Obesity). Childhood obesity is becoming an epidemic that is sweeping the nation. What are some of the causes of childhood obesity? Obesity occurs when too many calories are taken in and not enough are expended. A lack of vital nutrients can also lead to obesity. This is where fast food comes in. Fast food has too many calories and not enough nutrients. Many parents rely on fast food to be one, if not two, of their child’s meals each day. So, with fast food being so calorie rich and nutrient poor, it is safe to say that it plays a major role in why so many children are overweight or obese. Why is childhood obesity such a big problem? It’s just some extra weight after all. Actually, it’s not. Overweight is simply carrying excess weight, whereas, obesity is carrying excess fat. When someone is overweight, it just means that the number that shows on the scale is larger than …show more content…
Is it safe to have fast food a couple times a week? “Young adults who eat frequently at fast-food restaurants gain more weight and have a greater increase in insulin resistance in early middle age, according to a large multi-center study funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) and published in the January 1 issue of The Lancet.” According to this study, those who ate fast food more than twice a week, rather than less than once a week, gained more weight and had a greater increase in insulin resistance. (Science News). By keeping your child’s fast food intake to a minimum you will decrease their risk of childhood obesity and, therefore, decrease their risk of contracting obesity related

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