Essay On Characteristics Of Being An Effective Teacher

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What are some characteristics of being an effective teacher? My ideas and answers have been thought about and included into the rest of this following paper. Upon the few weeks this class has been studying unit 3, I’ve learned from different activities we’ve touched on that has developed my own opinion. We watched 3 informative videos at which the rate that children develop and grow. I created a lesson plan following a template and taught it successfully to the class. I read the book, The Students Are Watching to develop insight on what does a good teacher do to sort out the students to help them learn to their greatest capability. Lastly I gained knowledge from responsive classroom to help students grow social, emotional, and academically. …show more content…
When I think of this principle I think of being taught this in kindergarten to share your toys, wash your hands all the while keeping your hands to yourself, and do as the teacher is directed. When I think of these social and emotional skills I reflect on how important each skill is in a person. Sometimes kids don’t have a positive role model like others do to teach this. Sometimes teachers are the only positive influences kids have growing up so starting kids to understand and act in such way is critical. I think reminding kids, and having posters around the room a set of rules will demonstrate such influences.
Knowing the children we teach—individually, culturally, and developmentally—is as important as knowing the content we teach. Based on the student’s identities, it helps us to teach specific contents from a cultural view. If my environment is around a reservation I will look into teaching specific history from that culture. When we know how the student develops, who they are, and their level the content and standards will fit right into what areas the student needs to work
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It focused on the economic and intellectual advancements in students. This video questioned society on why we push kids in different directions than what they are up for. We group kids by age. When children are 5 years old they are in kindergarten, when they are 12 years old they are in 7th grade. Not all children develop at this year by year rate. Some will advance while it will take others time. This video proposed grouping students by the rate of which they grow. Kids specialize in different learning. Why do we push to be well-rounded than let the kid explode his effort and knowledge on one area? This question is so difficult because there is one teacher to 25 kids, the ratio of one on one learning is near impossible. This makes me wonder what we would achieve if one student focused on one subject, would they would excel? I think we need to know information from different subjects to learn more and more about an specialized subject. This video also looked into drugs. We prescribe so much medication to get kids to focus. Adderall has become more and more popular for kids who can’t sit still. The video discussed ways to get away from this consumption. Starting with teachers making lessons that involve activities so they naturally get away from the desire to move and learn while doing so. This video questioned society 's views of a perfect classroom and how to change the misfits of the student’s

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