Essay On Characteristics Of A Scientist

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In today’s society, the media has a major influence on a person’s decision. Their views are manipulated due to media’s not so realistic display of certain genres, such as science. Throughout the years’, science has been given a fictional look from the media, which makes it difficult to determine which is factual. In the present, TV shows like MythBusters, Breakthrough, and Bang Goes the Theory, depict actual scientific methods and theories that help to advance science. On the other hand, there are shows like Killjoys, The 100, and Legends of Tomorrow that give a more futuristic view on science.
When you hear the word “scientist” what do you envision? Which famous people or characters from the media come into your mind? What characteristics do they have in common? Discuss at least three characteristics of your vision of a scientist. In my opinion, when I hear the word “scientist” I envision a person in a white lab coat, with eyeglasses, working in a laboratory. When I allow my imagination to soar, scientist appears to me as what most would call “Mad Scientist”. Their demeanor is unorthodox and in most cases isn’t intended for positive results, but despite
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The television shows and movies that exist now have some form of science fiction in them. I believe some people would say that it may be seen as a negative force in the world due to the influences it haves on people. For example, if a child is watching a movie such as Iron Man, he/she becomes captivated by the “cool” things Ironman can do and the gadgets and machines he creates. Some kids may attempt to recreate his actions, but the end result will be them hurting themselves or others. I do not think that all science fiction is a negative force in the world. Some aspects of the fictional characters should be viewed as motivation. Motivation to surpass what is believed to be limited and go over and beyond the expectations of

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