Essay On Causes Of Tuberculosis

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The Cause and Effects of Tuberculosis What are the cause and effects of tuberculosis? Tuberculosis is a disease caused by a bacterium. These bacteria mostly infect the lungs, but also they can infect the other parts of the body like the brain, spine, and kidney. (1,4) If the tuberculosis bacteria are active, they will cause the death of the tissue of organs that have been infected. Tuberculosis is one of a few diseases that "have caused so much distressing illness for centuries and claimed so many lives". (2) In this essay, the cause of tuberculosis will be defined, as well as the effects. Tuberculosis is a chronic and fatal disease caused by bacteria which called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. These bacteria are growing only in …show more content…
Meningitis occurs when "the protective membranes which cover the brain and spinal cord", become inflamed, so once "the fluid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord" has been infected by the bacteria. (1) It will cause inflammation. (3) The infection may have serious effects in the brain that can cause fever, loss of appetite, listlessness, and periods of lost consciousness. Also, the patient with meningitis suffers from nausea, headache and vomiting. (3) If the disease not treated well, tuberculosis meningitis leads to muscle paralysis, deteriorate the mental function and abnormal behaviors. To sum up, the scientists classified tuberculosis under widespread diseases. Tuberculosis was controlled, but it returned to appear again in a new and powerful forms in 1950. (2) Today, the severe forms that appeared for this disease, have created a health crisis in many major cities all over the world. Although TB remains a global threat, Since 2004 there has been significant progress. This includes the development of vaccines, diagnostics and treatments, although TB remains a global threat. Also, the correct diagnosis is critical and timely that can lead to control the disease by treating in

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