Divorce Causes

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Causes of Divorce in the United States
When most people get married, they are expecting to live happily ever after. They are not expecting their marriage to end in divorce. However, almost 50% of marriages today in the United States do end in divorce. This is an alarming statistic that continues to rise year after year. To say that nearly half of marriages end in divorce sounds a lot like saying marriage is just a game of chance. Divorce has been a topic for concern for a long time, but it is more prevalent now than it was 50 years ago. Usually the breakdown of a marriage doesn’t happen overnight. Just as every marriage has different complications and obstacles, so is the cause for each divorce. Sadly, today the bulk of separations in
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This is a damaging decision. Infidelity can destroy even the strongest relationship leaving behind feelings of hurt, betrayal, and anger. For many, the damaging weight of an affair is too heavy to bear. Parting ways may be the only resort. Seldom does a marriage recover from infidelity. When a third person enters a marriage, the cheating spouse begins to look for reasons to justify their dishonest behavior. Often the cheating spouse shifts the blame onto the faithful one in the marriage and becomes over bearing and paranoid about where they are and who they are spending their time with. Looking outside the marriage to solve problems only adds to the problems that already exist in the relationship. It is difficult to focus on your spouse and issues at home if someone else consuming your …show more content…
A married couple facing financial difficulty is often under a lot of stress which can lead to an increase in quarrels and conflicts. Differences in money management can be a big problem. For example, if one person is reckless or negligent with finances, it can have an unfavorable effect of the overall longevity of the marriage. When couples don’t see eye to eye on spending habits or when one spouse controls all of the family finances, a strain is put on the marriage. It has been found that couples who are relatively successful with finances are less likely to argue and choose to end their marriage. So, when there is any issue related to money and finances, it is important to discuss them with your partner and fix it as soon as possible

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