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A mass is a lump that either your caregiver found during an examination or you found before seeing your caregiver. The colon is a major part of the large intestine. There are many possible reasons why a lump has appeared. Testing will help determine the cause and the steps to a solution.

Before complete testing is done, it may be difficult or impossible for your caregiver to know if the lump is truly in the colon or comes from one of the organs that are next to the colon. Problems in the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidney, small intestine, uterus, and ovaries can also lead to a lump that might seem to be in the colon.
If testing shows that the mass is in the colon, there are still many possible causes, including:
• Tumors and cancers.
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Your caregiver will discuss your test results with you, the meanings of the tests, and the recommended steps to begin treatment. The caregiver will also indicate whether you need to be examined by specialists as you go through the steps of diagnosis and while a treatment plan is being developed.

• Test preparation. Carefully follow instructions when preparing for certain tests. This may involve medicines that clean out the intestines before colonoscopy, fasting before certain blood tests, or drinking special “contrast” fluids that are necessary for CT scan and MRI images.
• Medicine. Your caregiver may prescribe medicine to help relieve symptoms while you undergo testing. It is important that your current medicines (prescription, nonprescription, herbal, or vitamins) be kept in mind when new prescriptions are recommended.
• Diet. There may be a need for changes in diet to help with symptom relief while testing is being done. If this applies to you, your caregiver will discuss these changes with you.

• You cannot hold down any of the recommended fluids used to prepare for tests such as colonoscopy, CT scan, or MRI.
• You feel that you are having trouble with any new

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