Essay On Calculating Optimal Body Weight Using BMI And Hamwi Method

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Calculating Optimal Body Weight Using BMI And Hamwi Method
Calculates weight using the BMI formula and Hamwi method. Analyzes results according to the BMI scale and Hamwi scale. Weight calculated by the Hamwi method is calculated by allowing 100 pounds for the first 5 ft of height and then adding 5 pounds for each additional inch of height. My result would be 100 and 20. Using the BMI method is weight in pounds divided by height in inches squared multiplied by 703. My BMI is 21.79
According to Hamwi Method I am above my optimal weight by 7 pounds. According to BMI I am considered normal. According to NURSING BOOK API BMI Or the Hamwi method are not the best way to determine some things like risk for disease and that belly fat is a better option.
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I learned not to go food shopping when I 'm hungry or with my kids, because I will end up buying junk. Not doing this has contributed to my strength. I find my weakness are when I have company and they bring something over like cake or pies. I don 't like to turn it down as long as I don 't see see it I have self control also If If i have not eaten before I leave my house I start to believe i 'm hungry and want to eat at every fast food place I pass. In‐depth description of history of chronic illness
The last time I went to the Doctor I was healthy except for my slight anemia. My family has a history of diabetes, alzheimer 's, and heart attacks and cancer. I am trying to eat healthier because there significant research stating that you nutrition can positively or adversely impact your health and can be used as preventive measures in most of the conditions I have named. I know that because of this I must limit my sugar and fat and must increase fiber and fruit and vegetables.
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I would eat every 30 some kind of sugary treat. There were times last term that when I was studying I would go through a whole big bag of sour patch kids about 4 oz. I decided this term I would better so for these last to week a friend and I decided to eat healthier. so I started eating ?????? which is on the right path a healthier path that will help me to avoid diabetes. My three goals are to continue to limit sugar intake and continue to stay on this diet of ????? calories. I would also like to eat more leafy greens with no salad dressing but lemon and a pinch of salt and pepper instead. Lastly I would like to prepare nutritious meals at home for the week so that I will not be tempted to buy food from fast food

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