Essay On Calcium Chlorate

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Calcium chlorate is a very dangerous chemical. It has the ability to harm whoever is around it. It is important to be extremely cautious and pay close attention to what you are doing when working with this product. This chemical may seem a bit scary because of the negative effects it can have on a person, but there are good things about it too!
Calcium chlorate is produced on an industrial scale. It is produced by the chlorination of milk of lime. It is produced by passing chlorine gas through a hot suspension of calcium hydroxide in water, producing calcium hypochlorite, which disproportionates when heated with excess chlorine to give calcium chlorate and calcium chloride: 6Ca (OH)2 + 6 Cl2 → Ca(ClO3)2 + 5 CaCl2 + 6H2O. “The big problem with making calcium chlorate is the buildup of calcium hydroxide on the cathode which prevents current from flowing through the cell soon after the cell is started. The only cathode material that has been found to be successful in making calcium chlorate is titanium”
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It can affect you if you breathe it in. The inhaling of the dust causes irritation of the upper respiratory system. If someone stops breathing, call the ambulance and immediately begin rescue breathing (CPR). It is an irritant, so it will irritate your nose and throat. If contact with skin or eyes, it can irritate the affected area. Calcium chlorate can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain if it is ingested. This is very serious, so if you are ever near this chemical, do not mess around. If you are working with it, then wear protective clothing. After exposure to calcium chlorate, wash thoroughly immediately, and once your work shift is over. The long term health effects, meaning they can last months or years, are damage to the liver and kidneys. If symptoms appear or you believe you have been overexposed, go to the doctor to get your blood methemoglobin levels tested. Also, a liver and kidney function test will be

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