Essay On Brand Loyalty

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We are all faced with several, if not hundreds of different brands, with the end-products meeting more or less the same needs. In many situations, we find ourselves juggling with diverse brands in search of a better product or one which we simply like more than another. However, in other cases when we need a specific product, only one brand comes to our mind and we are quite reluctant to change it for a different one. This can happen out of sheer habit or purely because of brand loyalty. In this assignment, we shall consider two brand I personally grew up using and the reasons why I am still using one of them and why I have moved away from the other one.

Whenever it comes to shoes, sportswear or any other sport apparel, the first
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Similar to any young teenager, I was so excited to have a cell phone not because of the brand but simply because it was a gadget most kids of my age had. At that time, brand did not really play a big in the type of phone I was using - all I knew was that I needed a phone to keep in touch with my friends, play games, listen to music and take tons of pictures. At that time, having a Nokia cellphone was very common. It was one of those brands that had a large share of the market and that was innovating quite rapidly. A couple of years later, when I was given the opportunity to change my mobile phone, Nokia was no longer a brand I was interested in buying. Despite the fact that both my parents were using Nokia cell phones and were constantly praising its reliability, durability and effectiveness. I felt more attracted towards other brands of devices which had recently made their appearance on the market. Among the main reasons why I no longer wanted a Nokia mobile phone were advertising and innovation. Apple, Samsung and Blackberry were the ones which were having the most advertising campaigns. They were marketing their digital products with much emphasis laid on the new technologies and software they contained. As a teenager, I was easily swayed by the competing brands. They were certainly more appealing in terms of innovating applications, easy access to a wide panoply of games and software as well as more functionalities. A Nokia cell phone as well as all the other new brands were fulfilling the same needs of connecting people, but apart from these basic functions a mobile phone was becoming more than a mere communicating device. Other rival brands were innovating at a much faster pace and were able to adapt themselves to changing consumer needs such as including the wireless. After a couple of years of using a Nokia cellular phone, I was more tempted by advertising campaigns and prestige

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