Essay On Brain Injury

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Head Injury
A brain injury affects more than one person’s life. We must all value our brain as we don’t get a second one. All of us have fallen down, got hurt, and injured ourselves several times. Brain has several protective layers including the hair, skin, skull, meninges and cerebrospinal fluid. In spite of these layers of protection we still have injuries that hurt us due the pain and disable us to function normally.
What is head injury?
A brain injury is one of the serious kind injury that dysfunctions our brain. Damage to brain, skull or scalp is considered as a head injury. An injury that results in a superficial damage to the skull or scalp is called as a closed head injury and the injury that involves some kind of penetration and
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-Physical changes in the brain including
• Several complications may occur depending on the kind of injury
• Brain cells and cellular structures are damaged.
• Swelling, bleeding and blood clots around the brain will disrupt the oxygen supply to the brain resulting in dangerous situation.
• A person’s level of consciousness is affected which results in delayed responsiveness and the person finds it difficult to be alert and pay attention. The various states of consciousness include coma, vegetative state, and minimally conscious state, locked in syndrome and brain dead state.
• Seizures as result of post traumatic epilepsy
• Swelling due to accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid
• Infections
• Damage of blood vessels
• Nerve damage

-Changes in cognitive functioning
• Attention or concentration
• Speed of mental processing
• Perception
• Memory
• Learning
• Reasoning
• Judgment

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