Essay On Black Culture

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Numerous changes have happened in the American society over the last 100 years, creating extensive transformations in the cultural outlook. One of the most significant changes has been the demographic diversification in this country’s population. One of the most recent censuses shows that the current use of the word minority will soon be outdated.

While these alterations have had great results for a decent amount of ethnic and racial groups in the United States, it is Black culture that has surfaced as a powerful entity. Economy wise, the artifacts of this century Black culture are substantial things to behold, with so many Black actors, authors, artists, and recording artists claiming praise and collecting big record sales earnings.
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Hip-hop is more than just a type of music. Fashion is connected to the genre. It is often worn by people of all races that listen to the music and are influenced by it. Examples of this style include wearing large amounts of jewelry, jerseys of famous athletes and name-brand …show more content…
There has been an evolution of hip hop. It used to be that there wasn’t a lot of people of color in the media. Most of hip hop was underground with DJing and MCing. It later evolved to the hip hop culture becoming more mainstream and more commercial. It became profitable in the entertainment industry. Rappers began becoming public figures pushing endorsements and becoming the faces of major brands. The growth of the hip hop culture came a long way. I believe then that the integrity of the culture diminished with the new commercial turn that had been taken. The audience has expanded from the black youth to now white America being a large part of the listeners and viewers and buyers of the culture overall. With so much power, it should be taken more seriously. The power to influence the dominant cultures audience is a huge step forward in being heard as a

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