Biological Factors Of Crime Essay

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Judges should take biological factors into account at the conviction and sentencing stages of the criminal justice system for numerous of reasons. These certain factors can affect an individual personality traits linking them to become deviant and eventually committing a crime. These factors can be physical, physiological, chemical, neurological, or genetic. Taking into account that a factor can occur simultaneously or link one to the next. Biological factors are determined by circumstances largely beyond individual control. In this case individuals do not have the free will or choice to commit a certain crime contrast to classical theory. Classical theory states that one has free will or free choice to commit a crime. But the focus should …show more content…
A complex relationship is created between the two. The interaction between one’s inherited traits and surround environment is due to the old debate between nature and nurture. The first Biological theory of the crime was created by Cesare Lombroso. Where one physical characteristics in terms of evolutionary progression can determine person’s character, or behavior. Identifying born criminals by the presence of certain features. For example, criminals will have large ears and lips, long arms or flat feet. According to Lombroso criminal behavior was the result of the social …show more content…
Another biological factor linked to criminal behavior in males is the Super Male Syndrome. Where an error in Y chromosome produces an extra one in males making a genetic make up of XYY. Boys with the XYY genetic abnormalities creates behavioral and emotional problems for them. There aggressive and violent behavior is caused by the extra Y chromosome. Research studies in the 1960s found the frequency of XYY chromosomes twenty times greater among inmates in maximum security

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