Essay On Being An Effective Trainer

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Teaching is one of the world’s most challenging occupations. Trainers hold a unique position in our society. I always ask myself during 202 Facilitating Training and Development class whether I have the characteristics of an effective trainer. To be honest, I feel I have the characteristics, as our tutor suggests, we future trainers, must consider ways to improve and learn more on how to become an effective trainer.

I can say that I have learned a lot during the second term. Who could have learned when almost all of the activities requires critical thinking and application through speaking in front of the class. It was really a nice experience to speak. One activity that I enjoyed most is when we are required
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Indeed, it is one thing that I agree. On the negative note, educating yourself is also one of the most difficult matters in human life. Why? Because it is expensive going to universities and colleges. Learners have many various ways of learning, and frequent these methods fall into what are called traditional and nontraditional educations. While traditional education is to attend classes at school where there are trainers and students, nontraditional education may involve excursion, direct experiences and reading. These fall on the five components of education which are experience, curiosity, mentoring, connection and …show more content…
Personal qualities of the teacher is important than education. No matter how high education a tutor gained, if he/she fails to inspire students to learn, it is just plain nothing. There are those, who assert that the best trainers are someone who are abreast about the subject. They say that the person with great education surely can be a great trainer. Well, I have learned that it is completely different. Based on the readings that we read “Nature of Curriculum”, that trainer need to know how to attract learner’s attention and charismatic trainer can do it. Also, good trainer should be able to tell fascinating stories or tales. Just like every students feel, it is difficult to assimilate information, if the teacher says without enthusiasm and boring monotone voice, no one will participate. No doubt that nowadays teacher is not only a conductor of knowledge but a person who is responsible for the future of his or her students. That is why trainer must be reliable and responsible person. Finally, good trainer is that trainer, who is able to find an individual approach to student- it is very important try to find capability in every

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