Essay On Being Alone

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The realization that I was completely alone was not a sudden one. It came over me in an excruciatingly slow way. The idea at this point is so ingrained in me, I cannot

imagine a time when it was not evident. I live in a world of darkness, unpenetrated by even the bravest of souls. I stare at the group of people around me. I don 't know

them, they don 't know me. "Hey, what 's up?" I duck my head down as my cheeks redden. In an instant I decide that I will pretend to have not heard. The boy sits down at the desk in front of me,

"I 'm throwing a party on Saturday, do you want to come?" he says. I shake my head, hoping that he 'll get a clue and leave me alone. He doesn 't, "I would really love for

you to come, it 's gonna be really fun," I shake my head again. "I can
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We sit in peaceful silence for a few moments. I look up to find him staring at me. "What? Is there something in my hair?" I ask "No, you 're just so pretty," he reaches over to pull my tightly coiled hair, "Why do you never wear your hair down? I bet it 'd be gorgeous." I reach up to secure my

hair, but my unruly black tresses are already tumbling down my back. I can feel the heat radiating off my face "I don 't wear it down because it is annoying, it gets in the way," I futilely try to get it back into its wrap. An impossible feat unless my hair is wet. He begins to finger

a strand of my hair, I swat his hand away, "Don 't do that," I turn toward my waiting homework, and pretend to be absorbed in it. I wonder if this is what it 's like to be


Saturday morning dawned bright and beautiful. Today was Joshua 's birthday, a fact I could never forget. It couldn 't be that I 'd only known him for five days? I began

to pin my hair up, but stopped myself short. Maybe I should leave my hair down for today. I look at myself in the mirror. My dark eyes look hollow. My face is too

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