Essay On Being A Successful Leader

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The definition of a leader is fairly simple; a person who leads others along the way, a guide. Almost anyone can fit this definition of a leader; however, being a successful leader is often a much harder accomplishment. Not only is it often harder to achieve, it can be equally as difficult to measure or gage successful leadership, depending on one’s own desired outcomes. One excellent definition of leadership is from the CEO of Redbooth, Mr. Dan Schoenbaum. Mr. Schoembaum states, “I define leadership as knowing when to be in front to lead and guide a team during the journey, and when to step back and let others lead… A true business leader understands the delicate balance of how to help others become leaders, fuel career ambitions, then give them the chance to shine.” To be a successful leader, it is beneficial to have certain traits; such as, good communication skills, the ability to influence and motivate others, being flexible and adaptable, along with being able to successfully delegate. Of the traits necessary to be a successful leader, I believe one of the most important traits to have, and to always keep, is one’s integrity. In order to be a totally …show more content…
Hitler showed incredible initiative and resourcefulness; however, he lacked the open-mindedness to accept many innocent people and their differences in Europe during the time of his dictatorship. Although he sadly, was a successful leader for a time, eventually his single mindedness was he demise, along with the countless others lost under his rule. A less infamous example would be Bill Gates. Nearly all of the leadership characteristics are prominent in him and, as a result, he has earned the title of the richest man in the world. In conclusion, this shows the significance of learning how to manage all of the key characteristics in a precise manner in order to be a successful

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