Christian Leadership Qualities

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A great leader has to have one main attribute and that is character because character covers all the aspects of a leader. An individual’s character is based on a set of behavior traits that define the inner-self of a person. One popular leadership model is being a servant, which is very important in my opinion because in our society today many people have a selfish mentality. One of Belhaven quotes that I learn is “to serve and not to be serve”, which is very important to do as a Christian. I think that if you not making somebody else life better than you are wasting your time in life. As a person you shouldn’t enjoy satisfying yourself, your enjoyment should come from helping someone and seeing them being happy. I have experience a great …show more content…
In our society today we have got accustom to Secular leadership which is focusing more about making a profit, rather than helping people. Working in the corporate sector I see more secular leadership than Christianity leadership because in the corporate everybody only cared about themselves. Throughout my childhood I was blessed to have a father who has a Christian leadership mentality. My father taught me the value of being Christian which consists of being a servant, responsibility, accountability, and etc. Having a role model such as my father I have find myself demonstrating those same attributes throughout my journey in life. I also had previous manager who was a Biblical leader. Working under his leadership I had increase my skills and abilities in leadership to be an excellent leader. I learn how to build essential skills such as learning how to make good decisions and problem solve, build my confidence working in a team setting, and improving my organization skills. I was able to communicate, work in a team and independently, creative, relational, a good listener, and an intuitive person that wanted to

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