Essay On Being A Good Waitress

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People tend to think that waitressing is the easiest job in the world; they think it is two simple steps get peoples’ orders and pay attention to them. Yes, those are two important steps that you need to follow, but there are many more qualities of being a good waitress. The most important goals of waitressing is that you want people to feel welcomed and have them come back to the restaurant that you’re serving at. People tend to go out to eat for a couple of reasons, first to not have to cook, but also to get good food and good experience from the restaurant. By getting a good experience it all start with the waitress.

The first impression is everything, so make it perfect. Acknowledge that your table got sat by greeting them quickly. While
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When delivering the appetizer you want to examine your table, ask if more bread is needed, and see if drinks are getting low. Personally you don’t want to ask if the person needs a refill if they are free refills. People get really surprised if you automatically bring over a fresh drink over. The fact around it is, we fill the coke glass to the top with ice, and then put soda in it. When the soda gets about half way it is usually all watery soda at the end, so you just bring another over. People realize that you are paying attention to their …show more content…
When writing the orders down the servers use a method of seat 1, seat 2, seat, 3, seat 4, and so on. Basically the first person on our left is seat 1 and then you count from there. Now when getting order you want to know everything like: size, temperature, special accommodations, sides. When getting the order you want to use your menu knowledge and educate people on you restaurant’s menu, being a good waitress starts with knowing the menu. Make sure you repeat back the temperature of the steak, and any other accommodations.
Every time an item comes out to your table, the best philosophy is to do a two minute check back to your table to make sure everything they got is legendary. In the two minute check backs you need to examine your table to make sure unused utensils are cleared from the table, refills on drinks, and refills on bread. People usually hate talking to their family and friends when they have way too many plates or glasses in front of

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