Essay On Becoming An Astronomer

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Imagine if one didn’t know what the universe contained. What if the simplest knowledge of what the sparkling objects in the night sky are wasn’t known, or that earth rotates around the sun, not the other way around. If facts like these weren’t known, people would have a great fear of the unknown. Imagine how people would think of the universe. Without astronomers the known would still be part of the unknown. Astronomers have a very unique job description that includes the study of stars, planets, and the universe. They need to be able to operate different types of computers and technology to create simulations and collect data from space. Extensive amounts of schooling and training must also be endured in order to become worthy to work in this field. Astronomers …show more content…
What this means is that it’s mandatory to complete research under the supervision of a faculty member to then write an essay in order to receive a PhD. Becoming an astronomer would allow me to
Ulrich 4 learn new things, and I could still be majoring in a science field. With all of the educational requirements of an astronomer, I have many things I must accomplish to prepare for the future.
Becoming an astronomer requires skills that I am already improving through school, and allows me to go into a science field that suits my interests of exploring the universe.
Astronomers make new discoveries about the universe that impacts the world and is profitable, congeneric to most government funded programs, in the long run. They also give new knowledge to the people of the world by telling what the universe is all about. In order to become an astronomer, I need to start preparing for the future. I can begin now, in high school, by taking multiple science and math classes. In order to put myself through ten extra years of schooling I need to start a saving plan, and that means getting a job. I could also job shadow to get hands

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