Essay On Barbie Doll

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Psychologist have tested and proven the side effects of playing with Barbie dolls. It is impossible to know at a young age if a girl will develop a negative influence by playing with Barbie dolls. Studies have proven that playing with Barbie Dolls can change the way young girls think and behave later on in life. Barbie dolls are a negative influence that can make them self-conscious about their physical appearance by lowering their self-esteem and making them desire the body of a Barbie Doll. Body dysmorphic disorder is developed later on in life in women who have played with Barbie dolls during their childhood. Back in 2006 a group of Psychologist experimented on 162 girls between the ages five and eight to determine the side effects they would have by exposing them to Barbie dolls. In this experiment they used two types of Barbie dolls. Emme dolls are Barbies with bigger …show more content…
The obsession on looking like a Barbie Doll in woman who played with Barbie dolls throughout their childhood is almost impossible to fix. Many depressions can lead to suicide because they are never satisfied with their looks. There has been cases of young girls taking their lives because they make fun of them for not being as pretty as them. Barbie dolls can influence other girls to bully the ones that aren't as pretty as them. Majority of the young children who are going through this don't say anything to their parents because they are afraid of what their parent might say. Meanwhile the bully gets away with all of the bad influence Barbie dolls are showing her. She may think she is already as beautiful as the Barbie dolls owned by her that she feels the need to express herself as one. Making fun of the ones that don't look like her and the Barbie Doll influence her to miss behave with other fellow students. In their point of view they think it's okay for them to make fun of other girls not knowing the effects they are causing the other girl to go

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