Essay On Baptism

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The practice of Baptism is significant for the individual and the Christian Community because its the point of entry into the Christian Church, baptism is seen as rite of initiation in Christianity. The word Baptism comes from the Greek word ‘Baptein’ which means anointing, washing, cleansing or immersing. Baptism is considered a ‘sacrament’ because it is a visible sign of inner grace, a sign of entry into the Christian Church, cleansing from sin, and rising to new life. Baptism is the first foundational sacrament that includes believers into the Christian Church. The believer is immersed in water while the priest blesses them.

The act of baptism originated before Christianity itself, Jewish groups practised baptism before Jesus. Christians believe that the act of baptism has a sense of repentance as the believers become cleansed of their sins once the enter the Christian Church, Baptism is an act of
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The early church community regarded the act of Baptism as a ‘necessary element of salvation’ (Acts 2:38). This is because it forgave individuals from sin, allowed them to receive the ‘Gift of the Holy Spirit’ and reborn them as a son or daughter of God. Being a member of the Church, gives Christians a sense of belonging. There are 5 principal Christian beliefs that are symbolised, celebrated and made present in the act of Baptism, these include: The humanity and divinity of Jesus, The life, death and resurrection of Jesus, The nature of God and the Trinity, Revelation and Salvation. These principal Christian beliefs are linked to Baptism because they signify spiritual rebirth, cleansing and purification in Christ; entering the Christian Church; faith in the Holy Trinity; need for salvation, faith and repentance; the life, death and resurrection of Christ; and the forgiveness of

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