Essay On Automotive Mechanics

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Fixing a car is something that many families do as a pass time. A dad and son or daughter time, might even be the mom. Also mechanics is something that is important for many people to know, nowadays it’s almost everyone’s transportation. Lots of people also work fixing cars, they are called auto technicians/mechanics. It is something really beautiful especially if you like cars, it’s a great way to learn more about them. It can also be a big benefit if you know about cars because you never know what could happen on a bad day.
Education of Automotive Mechanics
According to (2015), ASE is a type of certification for Auto Mechanics. It stands for Automotive Service Excellence. There are about 300,000 automotive technicians
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These type of cars are charged instead of using gas. According to (2015), the hybrids are just beginning, they will still continue to improve fuel efficiency, performance and appearance. They have already improved in their performances and their costs, seems that it’s attracting people to buy them more. The hybrids on the road today are a little bit less than 5% so just imagine how it would be with 100%! A really big change in the automotive industries.
Electric Cars
These cars are powered by electricity, they are rechargeable. EV’s are environmental friendly because they don’t burn fuel at all, meaning no bad air. These vehicles are energy efficient because ev’s convert from about 59%-62% of the electrical energy and gasoline cars convert from about 17%-21% of the energy stored. It also has performance benefits, for example, ev’s provide smooth and stronger motors, it also requires less maintenance meaning saving money on oil changes and etc… They reduce energy dependence because electricity is a domestic energy.
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Record all of the receipts, pay bills on time so you can be a successful business man. Follow the rules and this will benefit you because places such as loan companies, banks, etc… they will trust to loan you money any time.
Employees & Customers When you have a high turnover rate of employees it makes the business look bad. A key to this is treat them well, don’t take advantage, don’t humiliate. This will also help customers feel comfortable because they see the same mechanics that worked on their vehicles, knowing they do good jobs. Many people maybe wouldn’t like other people putting hands on their cars because of trust issues. Ethics
Being Honest Not overcharging is an important thing that will lead to having a good, honest shop. Have a statement that guarantees that you will be honest, and that the shop is there to help for reasonable prices. Don’t sell them something they don’t need. It will help customers feel even more comfortable with you, which is a great thing.

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