Essay On Attending College

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Many individuals dream to attend college someday, but have difficult obstacles to overcome until then. Certain people cannot afford the expensive cost of college, especially when the majority of them come from poor families, or do not have any financial assistance. Many students take out loans and will leave them in huge amounts of debt. The inflation to attend college has increased drastically over the decades. It is become difficult for the low income wage students to attend. Although attending a college or university can become expensive to attend, going to college is an investment to individuals who are self-motivated and knows that getting an education will benefit them in the future. Attending college and getting a proper education is worth the cost for those who needs it.
College is over the top expensive to attend, plus the cost of books, supplies and transportation. The price of college has increased drastically over the years. There are also many other opportunities for individuals who do not want to attend college, or spend the money on it. Going to college is not for everyone, like not everyone is cut out to be a doctor or a lawyer, unless if that individual is truly dedicated to handle it the work, and all its cost and fees. Attending college can be a waste of both time and money for those who
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The family will shaped the person view on college, and will either consider if it will be worth it or not. According to Rodney Smith, “Our family views education as an investment and stewardship… Education is more than an investment in our family. It is a treasure” (pg. 30). This is extremely true. However, someone was raised and taught about school, they will consider getting the education is actually a good idea. For some, their families work their whole life’s to give their children a better lifestyle. However, some people will take having the opportunity to attend college for

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