Essay On Athletes Should Be Paid For Sports

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Schools around the country are finding there is not enough room in their budgets to support athletics. One way to support these athletics is charging student athletes to play in their sport. I believe all schools should institute these “pay-to-play” policies. These policies are needed because money could be spent on more important things, schools simply do not have the funding, and less students would quit their sport. But, schools should still give some funding to athletics and these fees should not affect playing time. Also, these fees students pay should not be an absurd amount.

Forcing high school athletes to pay for participation in athletic events is a valuable decision in many forms. But, these fees for taking part in athletic events should not be
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With these policies, students should not get their money back when quitting. If athletes knew they could not get their money back if they quit, less of them would. Also, paying this fee would make the athlete more motivated for playing time and would try harder in practice and games. Parents could expect a lot more from their student. Also, athletes will know if they are ineligible, they are wasting their own money, and will in turn try harder in their classes. If my parents had to pay for me to play sports, I would definitely try harder in class and in practice to make the most of my money.

Schools simply do not have the funding that they used to. Budget cuts are coming from every direction and one of the easiest sources to cut is athletics. Schools see athletics as building moral character rather than intelligence and see it convenient to cut these programs. With these pay to play policies, sports programs around the country can attempt to keep themselves somewhat stable even if some funding is cut. Schools budgets are decreasing every year, and sports programs become a primary target for budget

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