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What/Who is/are Anonymous? Cyber terrorists, freedom fighters, a group of hackers, revolutionaries or AN organization? Anonymous may be a movement. Anonymous has no leadership; if you think in Anonymous, and call yourself Anonymous, you're Anonymous.

How huge is Anonymous?

Anons around the world have Moved from opposing web censorship and control to Attack governments silencing the people’s rights, standing for freedom of expression, animal rights, Helped the less fortunate, protective kids from online/offline abuse, protesting police atrocities, questioning and exposing the arm-twisting techniques of the Rich peoples, safeguarding the activists, advertising cyber security threats, and attacking the attackers – the terrorists.

Anonymous was born out of 4Chan, a forum popular hackers and gamers, in 2003. However, that loose band of people has
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at intervals minutes of the announcement, Anonymous declared #OpMegaUpload, and brought down the homepages of the motion picture Association of America, the Recording business Association of America, Universal Music, the US Copyright Service, the U.S.A. Department of Justice, and also the FBI.

OperationPirateBay (2012)

After the Swedish government disabled varied torrent sites (including The Pirate Bay) in September, Anonymous called it a criminal offense against freedom to data and disabled a number of the Swedish government’s affiliate sites in protest against the raid on PRQ. In 2014, once the Swedish police raided The Pirate Bay information center in Nacka, the group hacked into the e-mail accounts of not solely the Swedish government, however additionally the e-mail accounts of Israel, India, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico, and opened their email addresses with passwords in plain-text.


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