Essay On Animals Should Not Be Kept In Zoos

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People have been able to examine animals from all over the world at zoo enclosures for over one hundred years. Many people travel to areas just to visit the zoo there. One very popular zoo is the Sacramento Zoo in San Francisco, California. It is mainly visited for their endangered species of tigers. Many animal rights activists argue that animals should not be put in zoos. I, however, believe that animals should be allowed to be kept in zoos because it helps rehabilitate animals originally from the wild, protects them from predators and over hunting, and allows people to see exotic animals. Some people state that zoos simply take animals from their natural habitat and place them in small, confined spaces but this is often not the case, …show more content…
The extinction rate is higher than it has ever been, with the exception of the mass extinction of dinosaurs. Although, the mass extinction of dinosaurs was a major event that most people may not even begin to compare to today, we are entering what scientists call, the sixth mass extinction. The animal extinction rate has no distinctive signs of stopping or slowing down. Despite the fact that governments set laws so that hunting an endangered species is illegal, it does not prevent that from happening altogether. People who hunt endangered animals, or poachers, ignore the fact that each species is a crucial factor to its respective ecosystem. Its disappearance could potentially cause a domino effect beginning with the other species that interact with it. We cannot simply stop predators of the species from hunting it, but we can monitor the populations of each and take the necessary actions to repopulate the endangered species. Zoos offer a guarantee that at least a couple of animals of that species survives. If need be, the remaining few may be used for regaining the species’

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