What´s Animal Testing Or Experimentation Necessary?

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Animal testing is the use of animals in an experiment with the goal of controlling biological aspects of the creature. Animal testing is a controversial topic because it can be considered humanely immoral yet scientifically necessary at the same time. When using products that are developed using the testing of animals it is necessary to understand the process that the animals undergo. Is a bottle of shampoo worth the lives of 480 testing rabbits? This is an appropriate question when understanding the topic of animal experimentation.
Animal testing and experimentation consists of procedures done on living animals in order to collect information about the effects of cosmetics, cleaning supplies, food additives, and more. This process can commonly
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Although there are some similarities, animals bodies still function very differently from humans. Even when trying to recreate diseases or symptoms, scientists run into issues such as the differences between animals and humans. Far too often do symptoms come out differently on humans than they do on animals, this causes major problems in the science field as well as production fields. Mistakes and differences within animal experimentation can result in dangerous products and numerous recalls on products (para. 7).
While embracing the positives of possibly banning animal testing, Big Think (2015) urges the negative effects of putting a ban on it. The European community have already acted on their hatred towards the torturing of animals, but other societies criticize the dangers of this act. “So the European community has eliminated a way for science to study the risk of industrial chemicals…because it feels right to consider the rights of animals. We have done what feels right, but in the process, without realizing it, we have made it harder to figure out how to keep ourselves safe” (para. 6) says Big Think’s author

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