Essay On Ancient Egypt And Mesopotamia

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Geography of the Ancient World
In modern society it is quite easy for people to live anywhere. With today’s technology and logistic abilities, human civilizations are found everywhere from the coast to the mountains to the desert. In present day, you can do everything from eating seafood in Arizona to buying bananas at the store in Alaska. However, in ancient times this was not so because geography is what determined where civilization was located. In early times, life was sustained by farming and agriculture much like today, but the main difference was their lack of ability to transport what was needed to live. This resulted in the majority of thriving civilization being located in fertile landscapes. The thing that creates farmable land is
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Egypt and Mesopotamia were to areas that fit this geographic criterion. Although they were totally different lands and cultures, they both had proximity to water. Without this there would have never been people in these areas. The most important reason why history and culture originated in these specific places is due to the geography. The similarities and differences of the geography of Egypt and Mesopotamia are the root of the similarities and differences of their culture.
Egypt is located in northern region of the continent of Africa. This land is made up of two different types of land which are the barren desert, and the fertile river valley near the Nile River. The Nile was the lifeline of civilization in ancient Egypt because of its annual flooding which left a layer of silt on top of the ground. This gave them the ability to grow crops and farm. Without the flooding, the land would not be farmable, and there
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This land was home to many different ancient civilizations. One would rule for a period of time and either would be conquered by another, or fail due its own internal issues. “Mesopotamia is made up of different regions, each with its own geography.” ( Mesopotamia is located in modern day Iraq. The northern region is made up of plains and hills where mountain streams feed the rivers. There are also seasonal rains making this area a very fertile, productive farmland. This region was great for farming and agriculture, so it is no surprise that many civilizations thrived here. The southern part of the area is made up of very hot and dry lowlands. Southern Mesopotamia was not as ideal for supporting life as the northern, but there were many civilizations that did well in that area also. Once man learned how to farm in this area, civilization was quick to follow. It was required that they had canals and other means of irrigation to support their crops. The word Mesopotamia is the Greek word for the land between two rivers. Another name for the region is the Fertile Crescent. Mesopotamia was filled with wildlife and edible vegetation. Some of the people that lived in this land were the Babylonians, Sumerians, Hebrews, Assyrians, and Persians. It was in this land that the birth of monotheism took place. This land is also thought to be the birthplace of civilization itself the two rivers

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