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Ames Room What is an Ames room? An Ames Room is a room that is used to create a visual illusion due to its slanted figure. While the room gives an appearance of a square-shaped from the viewers’ observation, it actually has a trapezoid shape. This effect works by developing a distorted room to create the illusion of a intense modification in its size. The illusion that is projected leads the observer to believe that the two objects that are in the same depth of area, when in reality the subject is standing much closer.
The Ames room was built by Adalbert Ames Jr this was a part of his research into optical illusions and perceptions during the 1930s and 1940s. After his career as a painter, Ames began to discover the relationship between visual art and the scientific study of vision. He studied ophthalmology (the study of the anatomy, psychology, and diseases of the eye) at Clark University, Massachusetts. Later in he became a professor of physiological optics, and developed an interest in optical illusions, as part of his research; he made a
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It has helped them make a visual illusion to movies and museums that have been set up to create this illusion. One of top popular movies that actually used this experiment (The Ames Room) was the Lord of the Rings. This experiment helped the movie create an odd illusion to the viewer’s eye. Since the Ames room has a very complex shape it helps movie produces fool people’s minds by making them believe that the characters are far away from each other, when in reality they are closer to each other. Not only has this room been used in movies but it has also been used in famous museums this museum show cases the rare structure of the room and makes the viewer’s realize how this is able to mess with our minds creating an optical illusion. This helps us see this experiment in real life and life size because actual people are used as

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