Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of The ACA

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III. The pro/con point of view of the policy:
The ACA is the largest health care policy in the U.S. with many advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages of the ACA is that roughly tens of millions of Americans, who are uninsured, will have access to affordable health insurance coverage utilizing the marketplace. Another advantage of this policy is that more than half of the uninsured individuals are able to receive health insurance either at a low cost or no cost through the State 's Health Insurance Marketplace. Some other benefits of the ACA include the expansion of Medicaid providing coverage to nearly 15.9 million women, men, and children with a poverty level less than 138%; expansion of Children 's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
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One of the disadvantages of the ACA is that individuals with high income will be taxed more in order to provide funds for insuring the tens of millions of Americans. Another disadvantage of this policy is that one must get coverage by January 2014, pay a fee or obtain an exemption if unable to afford coverage. Some other shortcomings of this policy are that expansion of both Medicaid and CHIP is through Federal and State funding; however, not every State is expected to expand Medicaid. Thus, 5.7 million Americans, who are the poorest among the entire U.S. population, will remain uninsured. This policy also increases the health insurance costs for all due to the fact that health insurance companies have to fully cover sick patients. Other flaw of this policy is that starting 2015, all businesses with 50 full-time employees or more are required to give health benefits to their employees, which has led some businesses to cut down on employee hours. This policy indicates that since young individuals are more likely to be healthier than the older individuals, they are not usually in need of health insurance coverage. This policy also mentions that certain Medicare payments to hospitals as well as physicians have been restricted. Furthermore, this policy indicates that insurance premiums have gone up because health insurance coverage is required to include all services. Finally, the ACA primarily emphases on insuring …show more content…
Impact of the policy/any unintended consequences.
The ACA has successfully enrolled over 8 million more people on health insurance. It also assisted roughly 4.8 million more people to get coverage through Medicaid. Thus, this policy is predicted to lower the number of people who are uninsured by 25 million (Shaw et al., 2014). The unintended consequence is that the ACA is mainly focusing on insuring everyone and ignoring public health initiatives (Gable, 2011).
VIII. Limitations of information/thoughts on the

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