Artificial Intelligence Risk Factors

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 The greatest advantage of artificial intelligent system is that it can never get tired or sleepy or bored and since it can be programmed to do dangerous tasks human safety and security will not be at risk.


Under this topic we will discuss about the risks associated with Artificial Intelligence. We will see that there are many risk factors but the most crucial risk factor is existential threat from Artificial Intelligence One of the main disadvantage of AI is the cost which is required in the maintenance and repair If robots replace human beings in every field it would create unemployment, thousands of people will be jobless. If the control of machines goes into wrong hand it would lead to destruction, the
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Stephen Hawking the world’s most famous cosmologist told the media about his concerns and worries regarding AI. According to him the development of full artificial intelligence could mark the end of human race. Since human beings are limited by slow biological evolution they will be superseded. Stephen Hawking said that” Success in creating AI would be the biggest event in human history, Unfortunately, it might also be the last, unless we learn how to avoid the risks.

Elon Musk called the development of artificial intelligence as our greatest existential threat. Elon Musk have decided to invest in artificial intelligence firm DeepMind just to keep an eye on what’s happening there, as according to him there may be something dangerous outcome there.

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He said that he is in the group which is concerned about artificial superintelligence. He agrees with Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk and is worried that why other people are not concerned about it.
The threats pointed out by these experts requires immediate attention. As the robot technology is increasing steadily it is clear that it may require lot of actions to be taken by human in order to be safe.

1.According to the recent conference of researchers sponsored by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy to discuss the threats regarding artificial intelligence on 26 May 2016. These scientists said that even though the field of AI is being improved day by day but it is quite far from matching the flexibility and learning capability of the human mind
Now let us look a the major events in artificial intelligence
• 1950
Turing test
Alan Turing proposes a test for computer intelligence: A computer would have passed when its text-based conversation is indistinguishable from humans

• 1956
'Artificial intelligence' term was coined
Leading minds gather to discuss possibility of machines that think at Dartmouth University in New Hampshire. The term stuck

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