Essay On Achilles In The Iliad

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War is unpredictable. It can drag on for years and in the process both enemies and allies can be lost. In Homer’s epic poem, The Iliad, Achilles is a great hero fighting in the ten-year long Trojan War. Octavius Caesar, of Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra, is one of the three rulers of the Roman Republic and during the course of the play he enter into war against his fellow triumvirs. Unforeseeable circumstances can completely alter any pre-conceived plans formulated even by the most acclaimed men.
The Greek hero, Achilles, was the son of a great military man, Peleus, and the sea-nymph, Thetis. Achilles was known as the most powerful warrior during the Trojan War. After ten years of fighting in Troy, the events of The Iliad take place. In the beginning of the epic, Achilles is wronged by his leader and in response Achilles abstains from participating in any further fighting for the Greeks. Achilles intended to stay out of the war despite the desperation of his people. “If I hold out here and I lay siege to Troy,
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Octavius Caesar was one of the triumvirs of the Roman Republic and the adversary to the titular characters in the play. After his ally, Pompey, rebels, Caesar calls Antony back to Rome to help him fight. The pair entered into an agreement to solidify their bond, however, Caesar is once again betrayed and Antony sails back to Alexandria and declares himself and Cleopatra as rulers of Egypt. Caesar chastises Antony for returning to Egypt and both men prepare for war. However, during the battle, Antony flees with Cleopatra. Before Caesar can capture and kill the lovers, both take their own lives. “Strike those that make them; and their story is no less in pity than his glory which brought them to be lamented. Our army shall is solemn show attend this funeral” (Shakespeare 139). Caesar pities the outcome of the war and mourns the loss of the man who was once his

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