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Should There Be A 4-Day School Week?

Do you think that less school can improve higher grades? If you said yes, then you're right. 5 day school week can be rough sometimes. Look at the chart below, the grades there proves that if we have a four day week than our grades would be off the charts by June. We should have a 4-day school week because, it gives the teachers an extra day to plan and put grades in the Gradebook, students have time to improve their grades, and it also gives one day for an appointment so they don't have to miss school.

Most teachers don't have enough time to put at least one grade in the grade book. teachers would stay at school late and go to school early and still won't get enough time to put all the grades in. In the article Commentary: A teacher and Fridays, because if you have school every day but Friday, or Monday, there would be more people out of school on vacation, and or more teachers who would take a sick pass on that day. But remember that this means if we have a four day school week, we are going to need to make days an hour longer, and or we would need to take some days from our summer break”. In the first semester of the year of 2015-2016 none of my grades were on Powerschool so I could never see what I had if I needed to bring
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In the article What a difference a day makes: the argument for a four-day school week it states that with a four day school week, it gives students a day to go to an appointment or have plans for something and they don't have to miss school for and just go on another day where there is no school. When I go to school, many people are absent or are late because of a doctor appointment or a dentist appointment. This helps because than schools can have less absences and more students are on track of what they are learning in school. To tell the truth, I think we should have a 4 day school week, because of

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