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My first day in college was a most memorable day of my life. I can never forget my first day. My first day in college was so special because some good memories are connected to it. Besides this it is also full of joy and thrill. When I was in school, I imagine the college life by observing my sister and brother college life. I am so curious and waiting for the day when i also go to the college. Dreams about future are always very beautiful and charming. I always thought that the college life is so chill because threats are less and freedom is more to do things and stuff. Finally, the day comes when I have gone to the college.
I got up early in the morning. Wash my face and clean my teeth. Then set my hair with gel. Mom made a yummy breakfast
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I found difficulty in finding the orientation room. I decided to take help of someone. I came across a group of students and asked about orientation room. They guided me nicely. When I follow their way to orientation room I came to know they send me in washroom area. I felt humiliated badly. All new comers gathered in a big hall at 9 o'clock. Hall is full of students. All faces are blushing and excited. Orientation starts at sharp 10 o’ clock. First principle and vise-principle gave a speech and welcome all in the college. Then some senior teachers told us about some important rules and regulations. At the end of orientation, roll numbers are given to students. There is rush of old and new students. I also met too many known and unknown people there. As I started to visit the college I saw number of students in playground, playing badminton, hockey, cricket, and football. In music class students are playing with different instruments and learning how to play a good music rhythm. There are separate buildings for each program taught in college. I was going to study science so mine is science block. Some students were hosting program on radio. It is not compulsory to wear uniform in college. You may come in a colored dress you liked. By visiting some area of college I came to know that students there have freedom regarding their movements. They can do what they want to …show more content…
I am happy that I could found variety of books to read. College science laboratory impress me so much as it is neat and clean and full of equipment. I just wanted to start some experiments there. I came to notice board and wrote down my class’s time table. I found difficulty in finding where science building is but this time I did not take help from anyone because my first experience of taking help is not so good. Suddenly, I listen to two people talking about science block. I followed them and finally reached to that building. At first day there are some introductory classes for newcomers related to them, their teachers, and about courses. Every teacher is specialized in its subject. Method and style of teaching in college is far most different than the school. In college, no one scold you when you miss the homework. When teacher came into the class, all students stand to welcome their new teacher. First they call for attendance roll-number wise. First day, teachers did not teach us but discuss about the subject they will teach us, gave his introduction and takes our too. They talk about the importance of responsibility and hard work in the life of a student. They are trying to make us able to learn by ourselves. In class I met the people who have same interests like me. They all are studying science. I made some friends. We chit chat for long time, share our interests, liking, and

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