Essay : Intimacy Vs Isolation

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Stage 6: Intimacy vs isolation
Name: Mrs. Garibaldi Age: 31

What do you care most about?
Mrs. Garibaldi cares about her family because she loves them and appreciates spending time with them. In addition, Mrs. Garibaldi loves having new experiences that she will remember, like going to sporting events and watching her children play.

Who are the most important people in your life?
The most important people in Mrs. Garibaldi’s life are her children, husband, and extended family. She’s really happy with the relationship that she has and cherishes every second of it. Lastly, Mrs. Garibaldi always knows that she has someone to talk to.

How do you strengthen your personal relationship?
Mrs. Garibaldi strengthens her personal relationship by working on compromising and thinking about the other persons needs and feelings. She will respond to something by putting herself in the situation before she says something. An example that she can relate to would be having a disagreement with your husband.

Stage 7: Generativity vs stagnation

Name: Mom (Monica) age:40
What do you do with most of your time?
Something that I do on my spare time would be to hangout with my family and my friends.
What are your goals?
My main goals would be to quite my job as a dentist and open a Starbucks and have my own business.
What advice would you give to someone my age?
One advice that I would give someone my age would be never to second guess yourself, always go with your first guess because later…

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